w-99 Gem Dancer

Game Play :
GemDancer is a traditional gem swapping game. Players required to swap 1 gem at a time to form 3 or more same type of gem in a row with in a limited time. After matching matched gems will be cancelled. Unlimited gems will fall from top of screen to refill the gap. Score and time will gain by matching gems. To gain more time and score, match more gem or long chain reaction.

In a long space journey, the dancing robot has run out of their power. Dark matter is need to be harvested to refill their power. The more you could harvest, the more power the robot have, the better they could dance.

Further Information:
There are bonus video at the end of each levels. The bonus video is made by high quality animation. Those video can push your IPhone to best quality. Even not playing the game, watching the introduction video could show you’re the power of your IPhone.

Youtube Video Trailer

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